Five steps – guide to clean your house after a water damage

Cleaning your house after a water damage can be a tedious work. In some cases, the level of pollution can be high, so you have to call for experts help. But if the damage was caused by a leaking pipe or over flooded washing machine, then you can fix this damage on your own. It is crucial to take the precaution, to prevent the further ruin of your home. If you want to learn how to clean and restore your house after water damage, then read our guide.

Allow the air flow

water damage reapirsDepending on your situation, if the humidity is reasonable, then just open your windows and doors and let the house dry naturally. Keep in mind to move all dampen objects and furniture away from the walls and allow them to “breathe.” In case your furniture is affected, make sure to open all closets and cabinets’ doors and remove the drawers.

Move air mechanically

This method is recommended for people who had their home severally damaged. In this case, the natural air flow won’t do you any good; you would probably have to keep your house opened for two months. A great solution for this problem is high – powered fan, which will ignite the air circulation. Depending on the fan’s size, it can cost between $50 and $500, which can be very expensive. The cheaper alternative is to rent then; their price is $20 per day.

Use a dehumidifier

A portable dehumidifier can be an excellent way to remove the excess of humidity from the air. It is especially useful for areas when you can’t supply the air flow, such as rec rooms and basements. If you decide to use a dehumidifier, then close all doors and windows to prevent more humidity from entering. In case you are dealing with major water damage problem, it’s best to buy a big dehumidifier, it costs around $250, and you won’t have to change the water all the time.

Buy a water pump

A water pump is a useful solution if you want to move the water out of your house through a hose. This only applies to cases where water is over 15 inches deep. The standing water can be hazardous because it can cause the spread of bacteria and pollution. You can rent a pump for $50 or buy a new one; the price is around $100.

Remove all dump objects

If your house is severely damaged, then you need to remove all objects and furniture and let it dry. Wet carpets, vinyl or linoleum flooring, can only trap the moisture inside and you don’t want that. Use the best cordless drill 2017 to detach the floors. In this case, you want to provide the maximum evaporation rate and have your house dry again.

Disinfect the house

After you remove all the moisture, it’s important to clean the whole home. Later on, the mold can appear which can be very dangerous for your health.