Equipment that water restoration crews use

We always stress the importance of hiring a water restoration company instead of doing it alone because there is specialized equipment that can clean the property efficiently and protect those that clean as well.

Essential clothing our workers wearPost1a

The type of clothing our employees will use, depends on the kind of the water that flooded your home. In the worst case, when the water comes from sewage backup and a natural flooding, our people will wear protective clothing that prevents water from coming into contact with their skin. This dress is complemented with rubber boots and gloves, goggles or glasses and a respirator. A respirator prevents the inhalation of fungi and mold which can lead to serious health issues.

Tools that our people use to restore your home

Tools we will assign to our workers depend on the extent of the damage. Basic inspection tools are a must because we have to check whether there are mold and mildew in the house. Those tools will also check whether water penetrated the walls and whether there is a danger to the structural integrity of the building.

We use powerful extraction machines that will remove the water from the premise and allow our people to start the salvage process.

Post1bDehumidifiers – Essential water restoration equipment

We use dehumidifiers to remove the humidity from the building and the items. This allows us to use other similar equipment (like air movers) to remove all water presence from the building after which we can move the focus on items that can be restored.